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Paar Adapterrohre - Pair adapter pipes - Details


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Paar Adapterrohre - Pair adapter pipes

Adapterrohre von den MCG Krümmern zu den Originalendtöpfen.
Auch passend von den Originalkrümmern zu den Originalendtöpfen wenn die Vorschalldämpfer unter dem Motor entfernt sind.
Hergestellt aus Edelstahl und poliert. Preis per Paar

Adapter pipes from the MCG Downpipes to the original silencers.
Also suitable from the original downpipes to the original silencers when the silencers under the motor are removed.
Made of stainless steel and polished. Price per pair

Customers outside of the Europe Union must not pay the German vat. Please divide the price with 1,19 then you have your price