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Innentaschen für Koffer - Suitcase interior bags - Details


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Innentaschen für Koffer - Suitcase interior bags

Koffer-Innentaschen aus strapazierfähigem, beschichtetem Kunstfasermaterial.
Preis pro Innentasche

Erhältliche Innentaschen:

links für 40 Ltr. Koffer
rechts für 40 Ltr. Koffer
links für 30 Ltr. Koffer
rechts für 30 Ltr. Koffer

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Suitcase interior bags made of coated artificial fiber material.
Cost per interior bag

Available interior bags:

left for 40 litre suitcase
right for 40 litre suitcase
left for 30 litre suitcase
right for 30 litre suitcase

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Customers outside of the Europe Union must not pay the 19% German vat. Please divide the price with 1,19 then you have your price